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What’s great about being an ODF?

Here are some of our ODFs on what they enjoy most about their role.

The company provides me with a fantastic lifestyle. It is probably the best company that I have worked for. I love the work and how the company is run overall. The business is going from strength to strength and I love it.

Adrian Howell, Long Server

After working in retail management for years, DPD provided me with the opportunity to take on a new challenge which I thoroughly enjoy and also find financially rewarding. I now have a much better work/home life balance.

Buz Allibhai, 1.5 years service

I have worked with DPD over the past 5 years because I get job satisfaction whilst also being well rewarded. So much so, I have convinced my wife to come on board as an ODF Lite. We are both looking forward to the even greater rewards from this.
Chris Milsom, 5 years service

It’s great money, but was really hard initially with a lot to learn, but once this had been completed I find it fabulous.

I have a great relationship with the team at the depot and I love being on the road.

Lee Donnelly, New Starter

I’m my own boss, I love the freedom of being on the road.

The company is great and rewards are good.

Phil Dixon, Long Server

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